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Age/Sex/Gender: 16/17; Male
Hair: Ash Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin-tone: Pale
Height: 5' 10"
Build: Weight Lifter

Occupations: Tribute, Victor, Star Crossed Lover, Soldier, Baker, Painter

Inventory: A paint brush, a brilliant, if slightly broken, mind, and an amazing charism.

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.

Backtagging: I am always for backlogging. Peeta's mun is a full time English/Special Education teacher, with three school clubs, and multiple outside big time commitments organizations she runs. She's, also, in the ownership of some very dicey medical situations that can lead to drastic slows. Backlogging is always welcome, and I'm super happy to write with those who are willing to work with it, too.

Threadhopping: Threadhopping is cool if you clear it with the mun first. Peeta is usually super good, when he's doing well and not in the middle of a nightmare fugue or flashback, about handling being interrupted by anyone from children to flonging fans. Just check in with the mun, and 3 times out of 4 it will be absolutely okay. If he's threading with other Hunger Games characters at the same time, for these same reasons, I will ask that you get their permissions, too.

Fourthwalling: Mun does not fourth wall in prose, or in character, unless in Meme's or Backroom happenstances for fun. Please do not do this in game. Also, please do not have characters react to things in prose that they have no reason to know about being thought about and yet not being expressed by Peeta's words or actions at the time. Especially given how good a liar he is. If you need to check in on whether your character would notice something hinky, just reach out and ask, I'm super friendly and open to compromises.

Canonbreaking: Peeta will not be informed that his life, rise and fall of existence, has been cataloged in a book or in a movie. This, also, goes for events that are beyond Peeta in his timeline. I am willing to play with characters further forward than him but I do not want him canon-broken of his future either, and if you are going to discuss anything about his future first, the mun asks it be discussed first. If both things are not discussed but happen, threads may be dropped due to disregarding permissions.

Offensive subjects (elaborate): There are not many offensive subjects that Peeta has not, through his canon, already been exposed to. Peeta, by definition of his canon, might be insanely triggery to anyone, character and author who is writing with him. Please be aware of this and take care of yourself accordingly. Given the nature of Peeta and his situations there are any number of things, including just breathing and being awake or asleep, that can set Peeta off.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.

Hugging this character: This is one of those touch and go things. Peeta is a very social person, and easy to get along with when he's not in the wrong headspace, and even when he's in the wrong headspace he's a master of not looking it. Looking like absolutely everything is fine and the sun sets on his smile and not the horizon. He'll probably generically hug back a person, and anyone he knows well enough will probably get something warm.

This is, though, not advised while in triggery situations or moments when he's delirious. Nor are any of the rest of these.

Kissing this character: Peeta's pretty easy going, but Peeta has only been in love with one girl his entire life and he's going to love her, even she doesn't love him back, until it kills him he dies. While I'm not against trying to play him dating or attempting to fall for someone else, the author would have to go into knowing Peeta will still come out the other side in love, absolutely, with Katniss Everdeen.

Flirting with this character: Oh, yes. Go for it. Peeta is supposed to get along smashingly with everyone he meets, and be able to take it as well as dish it out. He's bright, friendly, evocative and likely a little flirty himself, without being overtly so. He won't come on to people and he'll generally take it as being teasingly friendly unless someone tries to make their advances deeply overt and then I will ask them to see the piece about this one re: kissings.

Fighting with this character: Let's just not and say we didn't, okay? Peeta is good at hand to hand combat, as well as the use of camouflage, weights, knives, and spears. While Peeta is a pacifist and he'd really like to get out of his life without killing anyone else (yes, anyone else) through choice or naive inaction, he's not above defending himself and he isn't without the skills and training to do so. He is not incapable or unwilling to protect himself, and all bets are off if you are threatening to like of Katniss or one of their friends.

Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Same with the above. But I will add to this one that Peeta has a truly, deeply terrible pain threshold. As in he frequently gets hurt in terrible ways -- from being punched, to cutting up his hands, to having himself sliced to the bone -- and manages without much comment to that fact, except for taking care of it as quickly as possible, which comes from being physically abused by his mother all his life.

Killing this character: Uh. No thanks. His world has already tried to do that enough.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:Please contact me to plot on this before you do anything of this nature. While I play telepaths and i usually love playing with this trope on both ends, this is triggery as all get out for Peeta. His whole life has been controlled, distorted and messed up, while the inside of himself has always been something he could hold on to as only his.

Inside his head is a riot of the worst things people can do to each other (murder, being murdered, greed, torture, lying, starvation, separation, mind jacking, memory replacement, betrayal, power, powerlessness, blackmail and on and on) because that is exactly what the society of Panem has been doing to it's citizens for the better part of a century now.

[ W A R N I N G S ]:
Peeta lives under a very agressive, bloody, manipulative and heartless totalitarian regime. He has had a very traumatic childhood thus far and his future will only be getting worse. He lives in the Merchant part of District 12, in bakery with his family, which is consider more well to do than everyone else, but they still only eat stale or burned bread or left over scraps.

He's been a sufferer of child abuse from his mother his whole life. When he went to The Hunger Games (a death match pitting 24 children against each other with only one victor) his father and his brothers never said goodbye to him, and his mother came to tell him the other person "reaped" (/picked) from their district would win the games.

While Peeta is made of triggery subjects, unless pushed to it he will probably not discuss any of these subjects by choice without some prodding. He's very easy to trigger and very hard to get to confide in people he doesn't know, and even then, it's not much of a favor to them. Peeta has night terrors and is a person under a vast amount of PTSD.

If you want to discuss any of this, feel free to contact me.

Comments are screened if you want to ask questions.

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