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The designations used to label years will be B.D.D. (Before the Dark Days) and A.D.D. (After the Dark Days).
Information on The Dark Days here, as well. Districts have been shortened as well to D#.
All events directly from canon.

58 ADD
- May 8th, Katniss Everdeen is Born
- July, The 58th Hunger Games take place.
- October 11th, Peeta Mellark is born.

60/61 ADD
- July, the 60th/61st Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Cecelia (D8) ]

62 ADD
- July, the 62nd Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Enobaria (D2) ] / Fangs

63 ADD
- July, the 63rd Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Gloss (D1) ]

- Peeta's father points out Katniss Everdeen
- Peeta hears Katniss Everdeen sing

64th ADD
- July, the 64th Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Cashmere (D1) ]

65th ADD
- July, the 65th Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Finnick (D4) ] / Trident
- Mentor, Mags

69th ADD
- July, the 69th Hunger Games: Burning Desert

70th ADD
- The Mining Explosion
- Peeta's "Bread" incident

- Peeta & Katniss turn 12, entering the Reaping
- July, the 70th Hunger Games: Earthquakes & Flooding
- [ Victor: Annie (D4) ]
- Mentor, Mags & Finnick

71st ADD
- July, the 71st Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Johanna (D7) ]

72nd ADD
- July, the 72nd Hunger Games
- Seneca Crane becomes Head Gamemaker

73rd ADD
- July, the 73rd Hunger Games
- [ Victor: Unknown (D2) ]

- District 12 reaped children both from The Seam

74th ADD
- July, the 74th Hunger Games: Forest/Fields
- [ Victor: Katniss & Peeta (D12) ]
- Lasts 18 days
- Peeta scores a 9, Katniss an 11
- Peeta kills an unnamed/undistricted girl
- Peeta inadvertently kills Foxface (D5)

- Katniss kills Glimmer (D1), Tracker jacker
- Katniss kills Clove (D2), Tracker jacker
- Katniss kills unnamed (D4), Tracker jacker
- Katniss kills Marvel (D1) , for killing Rue
- Katniss kills Cato (D2)
- Seneca Crane is executed
- 2nd Rebellion Begins

75th ADD
- Peeta's Talent: Painting
- Katniss' Talent: Fashion Design

- January, Victory Tour
- During Tour: Uprising in District 11 (Agriculture)
- In the Capitol: Peeta proposes
- Post Tour: Uprising in District's 3 (Technology), 4 (Fishing) and 8 (Textiles)
- July, the 75th Hunger Games: Jungle/Ocean Clock
- 3rd Quarter Quell: All tributes are previous Victors
- Plutarch becomes Head Gamemaker
- Lasts 3 days
- Peeta & Katniss both score a 12
- Peeta paints Rue & Katniss hangs Seneca
- Peeta & Katniss are announced engaged/married & expecting

- Peeta learns to swim
- Peeta kills Brutus (D2)
- Katniss kills Gloss (D1)

- Full 14 member Alliance Team
- Main Alliance Team: Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Female Morphling
- Lives Sacrificed for Katniss/Peeta: Wires, Chaff, Female Morphling, Mags

- Tributes Saved: Finnick, Katniss, Beetee
- Tributes Captured: Peeta, Johanna, Enobaria
- All districts begin to rebel
- Communications go out in Distracts 7 (Lumber), 10 (Livestock), 12 (Mining)
- District 11 gains control of Transportation
- 15 minutes after The 75th Game ends, District 12 is obliterated

- 5/6 weeks later Katniss realizes The Capitol has Peeta
- Peeta begins to have Capitol Propaganda appearances

* -- more events added up as I finish my reread
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