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Age: 16
Sex/Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 174 lbs (approx.)
Build: Weightlifter

Peeta is from District 12, the poorest district in Panem. Even being part of what is consider there 'upper crust' of District 12 among the Merchant's, Peeta's health reflects a decade and half of constant malnourishment. Being from the district focused solely on mining his system is, also, a reflection of a decade and half of constant, daily, inhalation of coal dust.

Peeta's parents in the Merchant District own a bakery where Peeta and his brothers have worked their whole lives. Peeta's musculature and joints reflect his constant hefting and carrying 1-2 100 lbs sacks of flour. His wrists, elbow and shoulder joints, also, reflect a constant effort exerted on these smaller joints of explicitly small, detailed work, icing cakes. He would have the deep signs of burns occasionally gathered this way, both severe and minor.

Longterm Peeta is, also, from physically abusive home, and his body would have the signs of such which can be picked up on deep muscle and bone scans.

More recently he has come from being a tribute in a death match Panem puts on every year. Six months ago he was given the normal Body Polish (a reset of his skin to perfect condition) post-victory that all Victor's are given, when he emerged as a victor from The 74th Hunger Games. This removed the outside (but not inside) appearances of brutal physical fights, stings from Tracker Jackers, weeks of starvation, dehydration, drugging, near-deathly blood illness.

The one thing it could not fix was one of his legs being amputated at mid-thigh and given metal/plastic prosthetic. But it is highly advanced and functions as a normal leg would.
Peeta was already carrying all the normal mental issues that would come from life-long poverty, starvation, child abuse, unhappiness, and slavery to a toleration government who cared not at all for it's people even before becoming a tribute and then a victor of The Hunger Games.

Since the The Hunger Games Peeta does have a well-controlled generalized anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder being being involved in a gladiatorial death match that involved survival, constant attack, the constant thrat/promise of death, and having killed another "innocent" child himself. Added to that, he is one of the two victors of the 74th Hunger Games -- an event which has never happened before, which places his as a target and one of the most watched/constantly followed Victors from the games.

Every single night he wakes up paralyzed from deep nightmares about all of these events, and has to wait out it relaxing away, which can take a long time. Peeta is extremely good at adjustment ingand portraying himself as above and unconcerned with, or entirely processed through, his circumstances and situations -- one of the best at it, among the still living Victors on Panem -- which as much a problem as it is positive in his (/his companions/the Capitol's) favor.
Death. Life. Violence. Peace. Abuse. Games. Politics. Political regimes. Anxiety. Starvation. Poverty. Excess. Vomitting. Paranoia. Killing. Danger. Loud noises, especially anything like a canon blast. Dreams. Blood. Weapons. Love. Betrayal. Insects. Lies. Uncertainty. Painting. Hobbies. Televisions. Parents. History. Home. Not home. Trust. Faith. Intimacy. Promises. Alcoholism. Hunting. Suicide. Depression. Tributes. Volunteering. Friendship. Compromise. Threats. Gifts. Money. Abundance. Loneliness. Company. Silence. Noise. Nightmares. Falling. Pain. Mentors. Silver. Medicine. Trains. Video cameras. Costumes. Makeup.


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