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He'd started out on her front steps and meant to sit there until she came home.

First Mrs. Everdeen spotted him and invited him in. She'd left him alone when he'd brushed her off well-meaning enough saying he would rather wait there.

Then Prim had come home from school, asking him what he was doing after looking for the missing basket of bread or cookies he always had. She'd accepted it when he'd said he was waiting for Katniss with a long second of staring at him.

Peeta never came by, even with bread or cookies, when Katniss was home.

He'd thought they'd both leave him alone until half an hour passed, with still no Katniss, and Prim reappeared. Her tiny hands tucked into her little brand new Capitol coat, hood up, and sat down next to him. Little effusive face, commenting on how it was silly he was going to sit there, with the snow piling in his hair, when no one knew how long it might be.

Somewhere between Prim's asking, as no one ever actually said no to Prim Everdeen and that he was here to talk about Rue, he ended up in inside. Tensely sitting at the end of a couch in the sitting room, with a pot of tea brought to him between patients who appeared.
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[oom : The winter here’s cold, and bitter
It’s chilled us to the bone

Tiniest Victor!tag: Peeta Mellark
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He wakes up from nightmares.

Every time. Without fail.

The winter here’s cold )


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