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Name:Peeta Mellark | Victor of the 74th Hunger Games
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:District Twelve, Panem, (states/regions/territories)
Once upon a time his father had him take note of a little girl in braids and a plaid dress. He never stopped noticing her from that day forward, even though she never realized he was there and they never exchanged a single word.

Until they were called for The Reaping.
Until they were made the Star-Crossed Lovers.

When they convinced their entire populace that they were in love with each other.
So deeply that they would rather die together than kill each other.
But everyone watching missed out on one crucial point --
it was a lie, it was a game within The Game.

One he didn't know about anymore than them.

Now when he wakes paralyzed with nightmares,
Or wants to hate the girl of his dreams,

Peeta has to remind himself:

He's still alive to do these things.
Twenty two people weren't this lucky.

And he owes that to Katniss, as well.

PEETA MELLARK | The Hunger Games


Peeta Mellark is the youngest of three sons to the Baker in Merchant Area of District 12. His father is a man renown for his kindness and gentleness, while his mother, called "The Witch" by the rest of the district, is harsh, unmoving and prone to violent reactions, even toward her own children. He's grown up slightly more wealthy than the rest of The Seam but not enough that his own table isn't filled only with stale bread, and never with the cakes he decorates.

Peeta has ash blonde hair in waves that fall over his face and bright blue eyes, with a very astute ability to see to the center of most situations he gets into. He's well-built, from years of hauling 100 lbs flour bags, and considered, while not beautiful, inescapably appealing to people because of his personality. Peeta is bold and funny and charming, quite a capable actor and orator.

He bares an undercurrent of sharp tactical awareness and self-deprecation. Which can often transform his selfless compassion toward others into a dangerous lack of self-preservation. More importantly he's a budding rebelious idealist, who wishes he could be a pacifist, consumed with the notion of living and dying as himself, for the things he wants, and not as something anyone else would make him into.

One can see how the 74th Hunger Games might have messed that up.

He's taken to painting, lately, to deal with it.

"The more likeable he is, the more deadly."


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[Disclaimer: Peeta Mellark is from The Hunger Games trilogy, and is the property of Suzanne Collins.
He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]

In [community profile] milliways_bar, Peeta comes from the fall/winter of 74 ADD, just previous to The Victory Tour.
In [community profile] ten_fwd, Peeta comes from early 75 ADD, post the Tour but before the Quell announcement.
Peeta in all games is primarily books canon and not to be canon-broken without discussion.

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